E.S.T      E.E.B.W                      

 Myself, along with a wonderful friend & rider       
massage therapist (R.M.T), Jennifer Janvier,     
are now offering the unique service of horse      
and rider team massages.     

Together we assess the horse & rider as a complete      
athletic team! We work with both parties according      
to their unique needs. This allows us to gain a greater       
understanding of the cross-over issues that affect the      
horse and rider relationship.      

Massage or bodywork are of indespensible value as a      
core tool in triggering the innate healing machanisms of      
the body! Yet, like showering or brushing your teeth,     
massage is not a one time affair! It is recommended      
on an ongoing basis to be of highest value.     

              Also, don’t forget! The rider portion of the massage cost     
can be submitted for coverage thru most benefit plans!     

 [ Find out more about Jenn here! ]     





              photography credit © ryan kane