E.S.T      E.E.B.W                    
      saddle fitting          

Saddle fitting is important, like REALLY important! Wondering
what is going on with your horses back - check your saddle fit.
Wondering why your horse is slow to warm up - check your
saddle fit. Wondering why your horse feels tight - check
your saddle fit. Wondering why your horse won`t travel
straight -check your saddle! Wondering why your horse
is crabby -check your saddle fit. Just kidding....kinda...

Saddles are objects. People and horses are not! Getting
these three elements to fit together can be challanging.
This means saddle fitting is also not a one time event,
and should be re-checked every 6 months!

I consider regular saddle fitting part of a horses`
basic care; just like worming and vaccinations!

Although I do often incorporate a saddle check
into my sessions, I also book specific Saddle
Fittings (these sessions are priced at $50).



I approach saddle fitting
from a horses` perspective.
This means I concentrate
on how/if the saddle is
restricting or causing the
horse pain in any way.

Additionally, although
I will show you where
and how a saddle may
need to be adjusted, I
do not do any tree or
flocking changes myself,
this I refer to other

If it works for you & your
horse it works for me!

        Above I provide a free at home saddle fitting assessment. It is a great tool, that I often recommend clients use between saddle fittings, or when a problem is suspected. It is also something that I use regularly with my own saddles. This assessment is of great value to show pressure points and other issues with your saddle.

Please feel free to download it to use with your own horses!
              photography credit © ryan kane