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As a proffessional Equine Bodyworker, I am an insured member of both the IEBWA & AACET. I find insurnace coverage to be a very important indicator of education and professionalism.

When working with horses, there is a potential for accidents due to unforseen circumstances. Therefore the possession of indeminity insurance is consistent with professional business conduct.

The membership criteria for carrying insurance are to provide services only for which they are qualified. We are not trained in veterinary medicine and therefore we do not diagnosis conditions or prescribe any mediactions. It is important to always work with your veterinairn and have them diagnose any conditions or issues prior to body work. Further critera for this membership also requires annual continuing education.

This ensures professional standards and attitude, essential to providing you and your horse with the best of care!


The IEBWA (The International Equine Body Worker Association) was founded to serve as a focal point for Professionals practicing equine body work. The IEBWA is an international association that serves the equine community by setting high standards of professional conduct, training, and requirements for continuing education for equine body work professionals. Equine Body Work (EBW) involves the application of hands on modalities.

EBWs are not trained in veterinarian medicine. It is important to have a veterinarian diagnose any issue or condition of the horse prior to commencing body work so that the body work can be implemented in an appropriate manner.

To find out more, visit www.iebwa.com


AACET (Alberta Association of Complementary Equine Therapy) is a registered Nonprofit, Professional Association of Complementary Equine Therapy providers working within Alberta. AACET promotes unity throughout the industry and increases both credibility and responsibility by creating a governing body for Therapists working in this field. Our focus is to standardize these practices and the quality of care that is provided by Practitioners, regardless of discipline.

AACET also works in conjunction with the Alberta Association of Animal Owner’s Rights (AAAOR) in an effort to provide information and education to Alberta’s Equine Owners.

To find out more, visit www.aacet.ca.

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