E.S.T      E.E.B.W                


Massage therapy & bodywork are powerful tools of care that can
bring in more awareness into the body. They are essential for
prevention and for the care of compensatory issues. Waking
up & integrate all areas of the body they increase functioning
and range of motion so the entire body can interact as an unit.

They are of indespensible value as a core tool in triggering
the innate healing machanisms of the body! Yet, like
showering or brushing your teeth, massage is not a one
time affair! It is recommended on an ongoing basis to
be of highest value.

Additionally as an equine therapist, I am only ONE
person in your horses’ wellness team. This team
includes the owner, veterinarian, farrier, dentist,
barn manager, trainer and all other professionals
dedicated to bringing more care & understanding
into your horses’ world.

              photography credit © ryan kane