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Education List


BC College of Equine Therapy 2yrs (09-11)
     Instructor: Dave Collins LCSP, ARMTS, TFH

Equinology 50 | Equine Anatomy

Equinology 100 | Equinology EBW Certification
     Instructor: Tina Watkins EST, EEBW

Equinology 103 | EBW Level II -to be complt.
     Instructor: Debranne Pattillo MEEBW

Equinology 910/960 | Equine Dissection: 5 day
     Instructor: Dr. Deb Bennett Ph.D

Equinology 700 | Principles of Saddle Fitting
& Shoeing Dynamics
     Instructor: Dr. Kerry Ridgeway DVM

Equinology 1500 | Horse and Human First Aid
     Instructor: Equineu.com/Equinology Staff

Equinolgy 1400 | Nutrition Requirements
     Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Equinology 1300 | Equine Nuerology
     Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Equinology 1850 | Equine Exercise Physiology
    Instructor: University of Guelph, A. Waller

Masterson Method | Beyond Horse Massage
    Instructor: James Masterson

Canadian Red Cross | Standard + CPR C
     Instructor: Dave Gasnick, April 2016


WCIA: West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy 101 | Aromatherapy Diploma
Aromatherapy 201 | Full Professional
Aromatherapist Certification
     Instructor: Beverly Hawkins

Self Study: Worming 3 wk
     Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Self Study: Vaccine 3 wk
     Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Self Study: Arthritis and Lameness 10 wk.
     Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Self Study: Equine Wellness Seminar
     Instructor: Kerry Rideway/Manolo Mendez

Back Pain | All About Animal Massage
     Instructor: Megan Ayrualt

Riva’s Remedies Nutrition Seminar
     Instructor: Marijke VanDeWater, B.Sc.

Riva’s Remedies Applied Kinesiology Seminar
     Instructor: Marijke VanDeWater, B.Sc.

Level I & II Reconnective Healing Certification

Level I & II Reiki Certification

Teletherm Infrared | Thermography
     Instructor: online www.thermology.com


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