E.S.T      E.E.B.W                    

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that I utilize within many of my
sessions. I find it particulary powerful for horses, who`s sense of
smell is more comparable to that of dogs rather than humans.

Essentail oils are very powerful substances and it is this power
that makes them effective healing agents but they are not
without contraindications. It is also my view that essential
oils are not to be used internally unless under the care of
a physician, therefore it is essential to work with a
professional at all times!

I am trained through a two year professional program
as a Certified Aromatherapist & as such can also
work with people.

Although I do often incorporate the essential oils
into my sessions, I also book specefic Aromatherapy
sessions (these sessions are priced at $40) where
you recieve a custom essential oil blend for your
horse (or yourself!).

As well, an essential oil blend can also be purchased
through any bodywork session for $15.




Note: Essential Oils can test with certain
sport governing bodies, such as the FEI.

Please consult with a Veterinarian
or the governing body before using
any essential oil within 72 hrs of


              photography credit © ryan kane