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  1: Jaw Touch 2: Neck ROM

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Safety Guidelines
EQ Equine Mobilization & Stretching

Stretch Series Videos - YouTube
1: TMJ/Jaw Touch
2: Neck ROM
3: Withers ROM
4: Ribs Mobilization
5: Abdominal Engager
6: Limbs ROM
7: Shoulder ROM
8: Hamstring Stretch
9: Pelvic ROM
10: Hip Engager


Spinal Dynamics
Are you seeing what I am seeing?
June 2015

Video Training//

Petri Video Critique
Petri Self Critique
  3: Withers

On the Bit
What happens in the horses' body.
Feb 2017

Saddle Fitting Owner Assessment
an at home saddle fitting observation
May 2017

      4: Ribs  
              6: Limbs 5:Abs
                  I began riding around age 12 and grew up showing hunters and jumpers in the AB area. My favorite were the
                  equitation classes & after I aged out of the CET Medal I took a short break and transitioned to training dressage.

                 I did a bit of preliminary showing, but at the same time began training as
                 an Equine Therapist through the BC College of Equine Therapy following
                 University. I came through this 2 year program and then furthered my
                 equine therapy training through many of the Equinology courses. Through
                 this education I began to see holes in my riding and went back to basics,
                 learning the fundamentals of groundwork, and horsemanship before
                 returning to a dressage focused program for my horses.
                 Currently I am still pursuing further education in equine therapy and in
                 my coaching I focus on anatomy & biomechanics as the basis for all
                 sound riding. I want to promote horses that are safe, happy and sound

for long term careers. I find this approach requires my knowledge base
as an equine therapist and research into classical dressage principles.
In my own riding and teaching I lean heavily upon the knowledge of
Manolo Mendez, Will Faerber, Kerry Ridgeway, Dr. Deb Bennett and
Josh Nicol.

I focus on groundwork, foundational dressage & I am also an Associate
Trainer with Art2Ride. Feel free to check out any of the training videos
linked above! Currently I teach at Amberlea Meadows, but am happy
to travel. Please contact me for prices and other details.
  7: Shoulder
    8: Hamstrings  
Spinal Dynamics  
  9: Pelvis 10: Hip Flexor