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On the Bit  
  1: Jaw Touch 2: Neck ROM

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Safety Guidelines
EQ Equine Mobilization & Stretching

Stretch Series Videos - YouTube
1: TMJ/Jaw Touch
2: Neck ROM
3: Withers ROM
4: Ribs Mobilization
5: Abdominal Engager
6: Limbs ROM
7: Shoulder ROM
8: Hamstring Stretch
9: Pelvic ROM
10: Hip Engager




Spinal Dynamics
Are you seeing what I am seeing?
June 2015

On the Bit
What happens in the horses' body.
Feb 2017

Saddle Fitting Owner Assessment
an at home saddle fitting observation
May 2017

Looking at where it all begins:
the hind end
Dec 2017

Postural Changes
a bodywork comparison
Feb 2018

Video Training//


Petri Video Critique
Petri Self Critique

Raja Self Critique

  3: Withers
      4: Ribs  
          6: Limbs 5:Abs Stretching Safety Guidelines
                  I began riding around age 12 and grew up showing hunters and jumpers in the AB area. My favorite were the
                  equitation classes & after I aged out of the CET Medal I took a short break and transitioned to training dressage.

                 I did a bit of preliminary showing, but at the same time began training as
                 an Equine Therapist through the BC College of Equine Therapy following
                 University. I came through this 2 year program and then furthered my
                 equine therapy training through many of the Equinology courses. Through
                 this education I began to see holes in my riding and went back to basics,
                 learning the fundamentals of groundwork, and horsemanship before
                 returning to a dressage focused program for my horses.
                 Currently I am still pursuing further education in equine therapy and in
                 my coaching I focus on anatomy & biomechanics as the basis for all
                 sound riding. I want to promote horses that are safe, happy and sound

for long term careers. I find this approach requires my knowledge base
as an equine therapist and research into classical dressage principles.
In my own riding and teaching I lean heavily upon the knowledge of
Manolo Mendez, Will Faerber, Kerry Ridgeway, Dr. Deb Bennett and
Josh Nicol.

I focus on groundwork, foundational dressage & I am also an Associate
Trainer with Art2Ride. Feel free to check out any of the training videos
linked above! Please contact me for prices and other details. 

  7: Shoulder
Spinal Dynamics     8: Hamstrings  
  Stretching Safety Guidelines
  9: Pelvis 10: Hip Flexor